Integrative Medicine
Interest Group
shadowing Opportunities

If you would like to shadow a physician who incorporates complementary and alternative medicine in his/her practice, please fill out the physician shadowing application (SUNet ID required). We'll be pairing people up with physicians at the beginning of the quarter. Positions are limited.


Emily Ratner (Anesthesia)
Brenda Golianu (Anesthesia)
Julie Good (Anesthesia, Pediatrics)
Samuel LeBaron (Family & Community Medicine, Anesthesia)
Ayruvedic Medicine
Archana Dubey (Family & Community Medicine)
David Spiegel (Psychiatry)
Integrative Medicine
John D. Mark (Pediatrics)
Manipulative and Body-Based Practices
Jeffrey Teraoka (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Elaine Date (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Michael Fredericson (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Mind-Body Medicine
Eva Weinlander (Family & Community Medicine)
Evaleen Jones (Family & Community Medicine)


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