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Here are some faculty members who conduct research in integrative medicine:

Physicians Research Interests
Emily Ratner (Anesthesia) Visit Medical Acupuncture under Dept. of Anesthesia
Julie Good
(Anesthesia, Pediatrics)
Pediatric palliative care, pain and symptom management for children with life-threatening illness, medical acupuncture, and meaning in medicine (the humanistic side of doctoring)
Samuel LeBaron
(Family & Community Medicine, Anesthesia)
Physician-patient communication; cross cultural dimensions of health care; strategies for health maintenance and promotion; integrative medicine
Archana Dubey
(Family & Community Medicine)
Integrative medicine, Ayruvedic medicine
David Spiegel (Psychiatry) Cognitive control over somatic functions, including cancer progression, the response to traumatic stress, and the perception of pain and anxiety; relationship between the acute response to trauma; neurophysiological components of hypnosis
John D. Mark (Pediatrics) Clinical research on cystic fibrosis
Jeffrey Teraoka
(Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Stroke rehabilitation: outcomes, interventions, medications
Elaine Date
(Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Dermatomal stimulation techniques in somatosensory, evoked potentials; outcome (functional) after rehabilitation PGMS;, conservative management of chronic low back pain; physical, rehabilitation; radiculopathies
Michael Fredericson
(Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
Etiology, prevention, and treatment of overuse injuries, patellofemoral pain, and stress fractures in athletes

Here are some past student projects in integrative medicine:

Amy Wu worked with Dr. Samuel LeBaron on a medscholar project investigating the use of traditional chinese medicine (TCM) among recent immigrants in San Francisco. Learn more >>


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